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For years, we were told that the flawless and perfectly poreless skin is the ultimate goal of skin care. But here at Gentle Hour, we believe that the definition of healthy skin is not universal but it is unique to each individual, including yours. And your skin care should reflect that.

but what is the definition of healthy skin?

Everyone has a different version of what healthy skin looks like. Yours might look clear or slightly oily with the occasional spots, or anything in between, but it is your skin at its most stabilized state. This is where your skin is at its best to deal with the unexpected breakouts without leaving any lasting damage. It’s your skin at its most content.

you're dynamic and so is your skin

How your skin feels may differ from week to week. That’s why our products are designed not to cater to any specific skin types, but for you to pick and choose to suit whatever your skin needs to maintain its natural ability to rebound as you and your skin grow and transform in life.

we got your back

At GENTLE HOUR, we aim to help keep you and your skin healthy and happy, so you are free to explore the world or even dig deep within yourself to find what truly matters. And if we’re lucky, we hope you can spread the same joy that has inspired us too!

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